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Golf stages
in Switzerland and abroad
coaching on an individual or small group basis

Individual coaching by the hour or by the day.


Olivier Knupfer will put together a training programme adapted to the level of playing, the level of physical fitness, the typological profile (see Typogolf) and the objectives of the golfer. 


50-minute lessons and half-day coaching at Sion Golf Club and full-day coaching at various golf clubs in Switzerland and nearby France.

Olivier Knupfer golf coaching Switzerland golf stages golf tuition PGA Class AA

Former elite athlete Olivier Knupfer is a qualified sports coach who teaches golfers of all levels and guides them through the technical, physical and mental aspects of the sport.  


Olivier has worked on the European Tour for several years, notably with Ernie Els during the period which took him from world's number 10 to world's number 2. Olivier has also coached, among others, Darren Clarke, Ian Poulter, Paolo Quirici, Jean-Francois Remesy, Steve Rey, Juan Ciola and Dimitri Bierri. Olivier also works as mental and physical coach with elite athletes in other sports, such as karate, football, tennis, skiing and horse riding.


Olivier Knupfer's vision of golf's physical and psychological training is inspired by martial arts (he is a former international karate champion) and his approach has proven successful with professional and amateur golfers alike.

Training programmes from two to several days on various themes, taking place in Switzerland and abroad.


These stages usually cover theory, physical preparation, mental preparation, technique and practice, and strategy on the golf course.  They are adapted to the level of playing, the level of physical fitness, the typological profile (see Typogolf) and the objectives of the golfer.

The golf swing can take many forms - however, the teaching and fine tuning of this movement must take into account the abilities, the typological profile (see Typogolf) and the potential of each golfer.


Olivier Knupfer's approach to physical and mental training aims at improving the player's abilities, whatever his level, and affirms the importance of adapting the movement to the person and not the other way around.

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