50-minute lesson                                                          1 person       CHF 100.-

                                                                                           2 persons     CHF 120.-


Coaching on golf course / 9 holes (green fee not included)     CHF 230.-


Half-day coaching (green fee, if any, not included)                   CHF 430.-


Whole day coaching *                                                                      CHF 1'000.-


Coaching abroad                                             please contact us for pricing


*  sesion at the driving range then on course coaching (18-hole - green fee not

    included) or specific programme on demand

Technical approach


The golf swing can take many forms. However, the teaching and fine tuning of this movement must take into account the abilities, the typological profile (see Typogolf) and the potential of each golfer. Olivier Knupfer's approach to technical training affirms the importance of adapting the movement to the person and not the other way around.


Physical approach


Olivier Knupfer can, upon request, put together a physical training programme adapted to the physical fitness and typological profile of the golfer. Olivier can also offer functional training lessons on an individual basis as well as group lessons of "Amagolf", both at his dojo in central Sion.


Mental approach


Mental skills are qualities to be acquired and polished in the same way a golfer might perfect his swing on the driving range or build muscle in the gym. Olivier Knupfer will teach players a range of mental tools and techniques, from positive self-talk and anger-management mechanisms to mood triggers and rapid refocusing skills. 

in Switzerland or abroad

Individual coaching covering the technical, physical and mental aspects of the game.


Olivier Knupfer's philosophy is based on the search for harmony between technique, physical ability and mental attitude in order to increase performance. This approach is inspired by martial arts and its effects reach beyond sport.